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Polar Intertia readies 'Kinematic Optics' EP on DEMENT3D Records


The enigmatic collaborative known as Polar Interia is ready to stir the pot once more. Announcing the forthcoming release via DEMENT3D Records, Kinematic Optics serves as an homage to machinery with about 80 minutes of music available on this double disc release. 

80 minutes for an EP is substantial and uncommon, but defying expectations is something Polar Interia seems to be quite good at. In 80 minutes, Polar inertia tells a story better than any press release or biography can. The first disc  (black) consists of four episodes detailed in a deep and thoughtful techno fashion, while the second disc (white) is a live recording of "Can We See Well Enough To Move On" (originally performed once before in May 2014).

DM3D011 Mock Up 

Kinematic Optics is set for release June 2015. Save the date. 



A1 : Floating Away Fire
A2 : Hell Frozen Over
B1 : Vertical Ice
B2 : Kinematic Optics
C1 : Can We See Well Enough To Move On ? (Part One)
D1 : Can We See Well Enough To Move On ? (Part Two)


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