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TomorrowWorld "Welcome To Dreamland" video released

TomorrowWorld is an experience unlike any other. About 160,000 people attended the TomorrowWorld festivities last year, which took place in Chattahoochee Hills for three days of electronic music and mayhem. Concert goers can camp at the festival in a place called DreamVille, which isn't your usual camp site.

DreamVille has everything a festival goer could want including pre-party affairs to yoga and workout classes in the morning for active folks. Patrons who stay at DreamVille can bring their own tents if they choose, or they can stay in more luxurious quarters if they please.

Tickets for TomorrowWorld are currently on sale. The festival takes place from September 25-27. Though the DreamVille easy tents are already sold out, if you hurry you can still purchase tier 1 tent camping tickets, which are 85 percent gone. The video below captures the fun and excitement that took place at DreamVille last year. Get your tickets while you can.

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