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Oscar Mulero announces details on his next full-length effort, 'Muscle And Mind'

Spanish producer Oscar Mulero returns to the LP format with Muscle And Mind. The album is scheduled for official release in late April and will be issued under Pole Group.

With prior LP releases already bagged under Warm Up Recordings and Detroit Underground, Mulero is just coming off an exciting 2014 that saw him debut his Biolive A/V project at Mira festival. Unlike traditional album issues, Muscle And Mind will feature a remix package including renditions by Stanislav Tolkachev and SHXCXCHCXSH prior to the album's official release. The remix EP, Dualistic Concepts, is queued for release on March 23. 

Expect formatting in both CD and double LP arrangements for Muscle And Mind with the CD also including the remixes from Dualisitic Concepts. Catch a glimpse of what to expect from one of techno's most mesmeric producers below. 


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