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Armin van Buuren releases 'Intense' live soundtrack album

In rock and roll's heyday, it was commonplace to release live albums in conjunction to a band's massive tour. And now that dance music is topping the charts right next to those rock and pop artists, it is quite fitting that they follow suit. Armin van Buuren is one of those dance artists, who embarked on a tour for his album Intense over a year ago, flanked with over the top production, theatrics, and other entertainment that perfectly fits the live arena experience of dance music, outside of the underground club scene it was born out of. This week, Armin (along with Armada Music Bundles) released the live soundtrack to Intense, recorded in five cities: Quito, Moscow, Sao Paulo, Medellin and Buenos Aires. Armin Only - Intense: The Music is the real way fans can relive their experiences at the show, or for those who weren't able to attend to enjoy it at home. Conveying the special energy that comes with a tour like this, it's available via Beatport as a continuous mix, streamable via Spotify and available on iTunes as well.

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