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Jukely app offers unlimited access to concerts

It was announced today that Jukely, a service that allows users to discover and recommend concerts, launched a new feature called Jukely Unlimited, which allows users to pay $25 per month for access to unlimited concerts. Opening in New York City, music lovers are now able to take advantage of this innovative service.

Jukely, which is funded by investors from Soundcloud, Pandora, and Spotify, will collect information from each concert goer, so they can recommend concerts that would be of most interest to them. Subscribers to Jukely Unlimited, will be able to attend endless concerts per month at venues that participate in the service. Jukely will message users info on concerts that become available, and subscribers will be able to RSVP online.

Jukely Co-Founder Bora Celik says, “We created Jukely to make it easier for music fans around the world to discover and enjoy new live music, and with Jukely Unlimited we couldn’t be more excited to take this to the next level by offering unlimited concerts in your area.” Currently, Jukely Unlimited is available at 17 venues in New York, with plans for expansion to other cities in the near future.




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