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Nest HQ gives us a good look inside Justin Jay with new mini-documentary

Nest HQ has teamed up with Justin Jay to release a mini-documentary introducing Justin Jay to the dance community. After the opening shot, Justin Jay gives insight into his musical background with inspiration coming from listening to classical, disco, funk, and soul music as a child. This mini-documentary dives into Justin's life right now as a resident of Los Angeles, California and being quite young, still in his senior year of college at USC and studying in the Music Industry program. Nest HQ ends with having Justin Jay discuss his creative process and the evolution of his music, while giving some personal insights on DJ-ing and how DJ-ing can be used to open people up to new music they possibly normally would not have liked on their own.

Justin Jay has had a distinct presence on the Dirtybird label this year, releasing his Instinct EP and more recently the hit “Bounce and Break.”

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