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Joris Voorn announces third studio album 'Nobody Knows'

Dutch DJ and producer Joris Voorn has been breaking ground in the electronic music scene for over a decade. His music has consistently evoked emotions and extended dance sessions as his sound has twisted back and forth across the different dance and electronic spectrum of genres. The Voorn camp has just announced his upcoming third album Nobody Knows, due out November 17th on the Green label. Following his 2004 album Future History and his 2007 album From A Deep Place, we couldn't be more ready for this new album. Granted, Voorn has held us over the past few years with consistent releases of mixes, singles, remixes, and constantly playing shows across the globe, fans will be more than receptive to Nobody Knows. Could November please come sooner?

Joris Voorn - Nobody Knows Tracklist

1. "The Monk"

2. "A House" (Feat. Kid A)

3. "Homeland" (Feat. Matthew Dear)

4. "The Wild"

5. "Sweets for Piano"

6. "So Long" (Feat. Kid A)

7. "Ringo"

8. "Mugged"

9. "MoMo"

10. "Fall"

11. "Left"

12. "Dust" (Feat. Bram Stadhouders) 

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