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Disclosure reveal plans for second album

Since their debut album, Settle, Disclosure have dominated dance floors from end to end with no sign of stopping. Recently, however, during the televised series - Superstar DJ's - hosted by Annie Mac, the UK duo announced they would begin proper work on their second album beginning this September.

With the intent to find a proper studio for workspace, the boys say that the new setting in a studio "will be good" on the outcome. Having completed Settle in a suburban studio, the two now have the means to situate an upgrade.

Going into detail on the album's sound, they let fans know that they do not plan on straying too far from their last album, and have assured that their creative process has "actually been going really well". We'll have to wait and see how long writing this album takes, but the thought of getting another full-on Disclosure album makes us jump with excitement.


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