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Kris Wadsworth flings 'Breed01' to life

Finally getting things going on all gears, Berlin-based producer Kris Wadsworth announces the first release off his new Breed imprint. Proclaimed as an outlet for music by other artists he loves (for now), the first issue comes from Motor City affiliates, Shady P and The Friend. Described by Wadsworth himself as "the most talented under-30-year old's in the city" Breed01 carries a two-track release of edgy, modern Detroit-style techno.

Just like he's been doing with his Uranus imprint, Wadsworth plans on pressing releases on quality 180g vinyl. The twist with Breed, however, comes with the intention to also include a digital platform.  Out August 20th, be sure you keep a close eye on more news leading up to the release.


[A] The Friend - Re-wet (Feat. Shady P)

[B] Shady P- Detroit Girls (Feat. The Friend)




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