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Kanye's Yeezus Tour coming to the big screen

Kanye West has announced that he will be releasing a movie based on his immensely popular Yeezus Tour. A trailor was released which shows a look at the mesmerizing laser show, masked dancers, and massive glacier, which transforms into a volcano. The film was directed by Hype Williams, who has worked on many of Kanye's music videos including "All Of The Lights", "Gold Digger", "Diamonds from Sierra Leone", and "Can't Tell Me Nothing" to name a few.

The film has no official release date, but it is expected to be released in theatres worldwide. Ye's Cruel Summer and Runaway short films are highly reguarded for their camera work and artistic expression. A film about such a transcendent tour as Yeezus should make for quite a visiual experience on the big screen. Have a peek at the trailor below.

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