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Win tickets to Slake NYC's latest party series TECHNOIR featuring The M Machine

How'd the Powerball work out for you last night? Guessing you're not $400 million richer if you're reading this. Lucky for you, we're giving you the chance to feel like a winner again with our second round of ticket giveaways to Slake’s party series TECHNOIR featuring the electronic music trio The M Machine. The San Fran natives seamlessly tap into all genres in their dance tracks creating unique depth to their sound. With the fresh release of their second EP, Metropolis, Pt. II, you can count on an experience to remember. The trifecta of mojo reflected in their tracks is said to be an epic display at their shows with a cinematic personal touch in visual production that might not make your bank account flourish – but will definitely make you feel richer where it counts.




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