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The Future Of Showcasing Music

As an artist, manager, PR person, or music head in general, it gets hard to keep everything organized in one comfortable space. Keeping up with all of the different aspects of an artist’s career should be simple and organized, but sadly it is not. New start-up company ToneDen has opened up a whole new world of possibilities for the music industry as a whole.

ToneDen is aiming to make life easier for artists, managers, booking agents, and fans around the world, while at the same time, giving the artists the ability to make a lasting impression. Artists have the ability to create a profile that’s acts as a double for all of their social media platforms and an assessable home base for keeping track of their growth as an artist, on all online channels.

ToneDen allows artists to create new web platforms that automatically update and integrate all of the content generated from the social media platforms that they are already using (SoundCloud, Facebook and Twitter). Fans and the rest of the music industry view these websites as a way to engage and discover everything that an artist has to offer.

There is also a feature that allows artists to have access to an EPK (Electronic Press Kit) generator and an easy to use analytics dashboard that helps artists track fan growth across all of their social media platforms.

The team is currently working with artists ranging from up and comers like Dr. Fresch to from OWSLA-supported acts like The Juggernaut and Durante.

ToneDen's dream is to allow the music world to form their connections and manage their relationships in one place. ToneDen is currently in public beta and is welcoming artists to sign up today. There is also a premium service that is obtainable, which allows artists to access EPK generator as well as lets them turn their ToneDen profile into an unbranded website. Artists new to the service can try out the premium version for a month before they decide they want to pay the monthly $5 charge.   

ToneDen is ideal for:

 ·      Artists

·      Managers

·      Booking Agents

·      Talent Buyers

·      Promoters

·      Active Fans

Check out this easy to understand demonstration video on ToneDen

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