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Ministry of Sound Club Set to Keep Doors Open

For the past few months the future of the notorious Ministry of Sound London nightclub has been uncertain, due to a possible impending housing development set to be built nearby. The infamous club, which has been open for over 22 years, has continually dealt with potential closure as a result of its sought after locale in London's Southwark borough, but none as serious as this one.

Known for its impeccable sound system and bringing American house music to the ears of Londoners, Ministry of Sound has become a staple of the UK's dance music scene. Meaning the threat of closure or implementing noise restrictions due to new building would be devastating to English house heads and tourist alike.

But now all the worries can be put to rest, as the developers of Eileen House (the new building) and Ministry of Sound head hanchos have come to an agreement. The agreement includes sustained noise levels for the club and emphasized acoustic protection for the new housing development.

Ministry of Sound issued a statement today which includes:

"Both parties agreed that a Deed of Easement is granted to Ministry of Sound Group, allowing its nightclub to continue to make the current levels of noise without fear of complaint from future residents of the development. Through a section 106 agreement, the proposed development is also subject to a very high level of acoustic protection."

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