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IHC Kickstarter Final Week

With only 5 days to go, the great guys at IHEARTCOMIX are looking for some final funds to get their massive project together. To local LA natives, their parties are legendary. From their weekday concerts in the Echo Park/Silverlake neighborhoods to Saturday nights at Drais over the summer, chances are if you've partied in LA, you've partied with these guys. 

Their current goal is to kickstart a movie and bring IHC events across the United States. They've brought Southern California some of the hottest artists out there, and they feel it's time to go nationwide. 

They've started a teaser trailer to show what they've got planned, and they've also got some amazing prizes including a signed vinyls from some of the coolest artists (including Classixx and Boys Noize) and a chance to party with 12th Planet. They've brought us the party, and now we're here to help! 

Check out all the other great prizes they've got in store, as well as more information about the entire project on their Kickstarter

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