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7 Days of Funk Video Contest

Snoop Dogg/Snoopzilla and Dam Funk are putting together one of the coolest contests out there. They've got some footage, which we've posted below, and the guys (as well as everyone over at Stones Throw) are looking for some creative people to make the upcoming music video for "High Wit Me," which is the bonus track off their debut. 

The deadline for  the contest is February 17, 2014, and the decision will be announced on February 24,2014.  4 Semi-finalists will get a $200 each and a 7 Days Of Funk 7” box set, and the winner will win $1,000, as well as a chance to direct an upcoming video for Stones Throw and a 7 Days Of Funk 7” box set. Send all videos to team@stonesthrow.com, with the project uploaded to Youtube, titled "7 Days Of Funk Video Contest." 

Check out more information via the Stones Throw website here



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