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Be a Part of Fedde Le Grand's Fan-Inspired Video

Two months ago Fedde Le Grand released the official music video to the driving progressive house anthem "Where We Belong", a collaboration with the Dutch rock band DI-RECT. That song has quickly become a fan favorite, which has led Fedde to seek help from his devoted following by enlisting their Instagram skills for a video re-release. It's simple really: just take a picture of yourself with one word of the lyrics and your country's flag, then post it to Instagram with the hashtag #WhereWeBelong. On December 23rd, the video will be revealed on YouTube, so you better get cracking! Verbatim directions from Fedde can be found below, along with the original music video.

1) Make a sign containing one of the words of the lyrics of “Where We Belong” and add the flag of your country to the top right corner.

2) Hold the sign close to your body and have someone take your picture or take a selfie :-)

3) Upload the photo to Instagram using the hashtag #WhereWeBelong.


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