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Fedde Le Grand Releases "Where We Belong" Video In The USA

Premiering at one of the biggest gatherings in the electronic industry, the Amsterdam Dance Event, Fedde Le Grand's live debut of "Where We Belong" with DI-RECT was nothing short of magical. Blending his signature progressive style with anthemic rock flares, Le Grand and the quintet again demonstrated how special live collaborations can be. Shortly thereafter, the video to the track dropped in Europe, a stunning black and white compilation, shot in the jagged, snow-covered mountains of Iceland. Combining sweeping shots of the blanketed precipices and montages of the artists' performances, the video tells the story of a young boy who ventures from his home into the great unknown. Today the video has become available to viewers in the States, so check out the perfect combination of Dutch creativity below and look for the release on December 23.


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