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Bicep - FMB002

The gym monkeys that are Bicep are set to finally follow up their Vision of Love release with FMB002 which features 3 tracks that will fit beautifully into their techno infused sets. Stepping out of a comfort zone that has proven so successful is always difficult but the Irish duo in the last year have taken their sets to another level.

"Satisfy" features melodic pads with the boys smashing out some heavy 80s infused synths that leave us thinking of Axel Foley getting out the gun fingers in the midst of slightly sweaty ravers. "Snackbar" takes us in a new direction with a subtle but effective bass line underpinning its menacing chords. Last but by no means least "The Final Trip" is inspired greatly but late nights in Belfast with the somewhat classic jackin' 909 and juno 60 live throughout the track. 

This variation is great to see and the boys have promised us more surprises in the future saying "expect a more frequent and more varied output" which what everyone wants to hear. 

Release date 25th November 2013. Pre-order now from Juno and Phonica.

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