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A-Trak Launches Travel Lifestyle Site

It took a few minutes for us to figure out why no other artist has thought of something like this before but that's neither here nor there. Canadian turntablist  A-Trak is no stranger to good opportunities. As the owner of record label Fool's Gold, for one, and a touring artist for another, he figured out that as an avid traveler, he'd have more to offer to a world of consumers than just his musical tastes. Hence the birth of his travel lifestyle site, Infinite Legroom. The site's goal is clear: "When you spend more time in hotels and airports than at your own apartment, traveling at ease becomes a necessity. Doing so in style becomes your objective." With packing lists fashioned by people like Theophilus London and handy tips on how to avoid airport car parking, Infinite Legroom provides stylish travel advice by those who by nature, travel a lot. And it makes complete sense that musicians would be go-to sources of knowledge in this area, considering they spend most of their time on a plane, in a tour bus or hibernating in a hotel room.



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