Album Review: Klaypex - Anything Goes

Album Review: Klaypex - Anything Goes
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Anything Goes
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If you're not familiar with , then you've probably heard their music without realizing it. Having produced house, big room, trap, dubstep and practically anything that has a groove, Klaypex have solidified their place in electronic music. The trio, based out of LA, has joined forces on their latest behemoth release, a fourteen track album.  Anything Goes is Klaypex's collective ambitions packed up as one.

"#shutyourtrap" is massively ambitious with high kicks and an aggressive reverb to form a trap track. The constantly moving tempo makes a complex soundscape that picks up and drops off in a variety of motion. 

My personal favourite song on Anything Goes is the springy single "1941". The melody matched with Virian's vocals creates a catchy mix. Yet what makes this particular song stick out so much is how Klaypex makes it sound vintage with a new twist.  

"Information Broadcast" is one of the lighter songs on the entire album and is more for humour's sake than to be taken seriously. The track acts as a buffer half way through Anything Goes to give the listener a change of taste.

"Let Me Drive" featuring A.M.I.E and Mayneday is the album's most popular single with nearly 70,000 plays on Soundcloud. This heavy toned track uses the lyrics to build suspense before coming crash down on a trapped out bass line that sends shivers down spines. A.M.I.E's vocals come in on a such a serious tone that adds so much serious passion to song.

One of the most energetic tracks is the exotic sounding "Like A Saudi," which features reggae vocals from Mr. Carter.  From big bass to looming lyrics, this song has all the qualities to make it a non-stop riot. 

After listening to Anything Goes completely I come away with two main conclusions. Firstly, that Klaypex are certainly talented musicians who experiment in all music, not getting stuck in one sound - a skill that requires a certain level of creativity that constantly grows throughout an artist's career. Since Klaypex is a trio, this does not surprise me that such a versatile album is possible, especially combined with all the vocalists featured. Klaypex may hop around in a palette of genres and tempos, but provides a proper intro and interlude.

Yet, there is one critical lacking trait and that is an overall flow in Anything Goes from start to finish. At times the work feels like a collection of ideas in no serious intended order. Taken this is a fourteen track album, there is apparent difficulties that will come with more music to make blend all together. It is hesitation of hearing a total sense of this as one piece that leaves Anything Goes score at an eight. 

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