Album Review: Larry June & Cardo - Mr. Midnight

Album Review: Larry June & Cardo - Mr. Midnight
Artist Name:
Larry June & Cardo
Album Name:
Mr. Midnight
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San Fransisco
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Numerous of music artists are releasing great projects to supply fans with their summer soundtrack. Particularly, the joint project from Larry June and Cardo Mr. Midnight is standout from the drowning pool of summer releases.

Larry June has been busy all year providing fans with solid projects one after another. From Early Bird, The Port of San Fransisco to Trap Larry, Larry has been practicing perfect quantity of releases with his music style quality. Cardo's name has been ringing bell around the industry for several years. Nonetheless, he never traded his ear for musicians for superstardom. Despite producing chart-smashing singles Cardo has been collaborating with many artists to create cult classics.  

"Mr. Midnight" is assisted by smooth, hypnotic instrumentation by famed producer Cardo. Classic signature Cardo production throughout a project make it hard for any fan skip any track. Larry handles the golden sounds flawlessly as he sprinkles his charismatic attitude on each song. Mr. Midnight is the perfect mixture of classic rap stunting and inspirational speech. Larry is proud of his success due to hard work and isn't scared to show it however, he shares stories and feelings from his humble beginnings. 

The album title track provides an important message about embracing change and elevating self. This is the reason why Larry June was able to overcome many challenges in his lifetime. Songs like Six Hustles presents the idea that anybody can get their money up. "If you really want it, you gotta be eager to get it" Larry paints the scene all throughout the project to relay to the listener that he is really speaking from experience.

The highlight song of the album is the absolute banger "Oranges on a Jet" featuring rap veteran Curren$y. The bass is hard, the hi-hats hit. The song is packed charming lyrics, boastful persona topped with a chilled out vibe. He also gives listeners a snapshot of where he's from, The Bay Area and how he lived his life previously to rap on "Organic Mud", "Tracy, Ca" and naming surrounding areas on "Still Active." 



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