Album Review: ATB - Contact

Album Review: ATB - Contact
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André Tanneberger hasn't made any new music over the past 3 years. But somehow ATB has still drawn impressive crowds to his shows, kept his festival and performance circuit consistent and remained a relevant force in dance music. And this Friday he proved to us why he is so, releasing his first album since 2009 on Kontor Records.

It's clear that ATB's intent in creating Contact was to remind us of the act of creating melody and creating a production that builds a moment and an emotional picture around us. Venturing deep into the ambient realm of music, Contact as an album challenges our musical senses in a way that isn't commonly found in the productions of any DJ/producer who might be considered "mainstream." With the first single "Face to Face" already seeing support from fellow industry leaders, its clear that ATB isn't the only one getting back to basics to show his true expertise and style.

Part one of this album immediately takes a jab at our heart strings with the vocals of Sean Ryan on "When it Ends it Starts Again." As a long time fan of ATB and trance music, this note is where ATB's music resonates beyond his loyal fans, and where those who might not have heard his music before can get hooked. The following sequence of songs show us that he's still got a knack for producing with vocalists, including some of the best in the game like JES. Boss & Swan are another unique collaborator that he's capitalized on, working with the brother/sister duo to create more club worthy beauties. We start to see an exploration of dub in "Hard to Cure," and his track with Vanessa, "Arms Wide Open," something that's unexpected from ATB's more ambient preferences. That movement into more aggressive composition can also be heard in righteous, fist in the air vocals of JanSoon on "What Are You Waiting For." What's most comforting about this first CD, though, is the timeless work shining through at the end. From his 2009 album, "Still Here," featuring Tiff Lacey is updated for the new world of dance music and still feels like number one.



Stream:ATB - When It Ends It Starts Again (Feat. Sean Ryan) (Album Mix)


Stream: ATB, Boss & Swan - Raging Bull (Album Mix)


Stream: ATB & JES - Together (Album Mix)


Stream: ATB, Boss & Swan - Beam Me Up (Album Mix)


Stream: ATB & JES - Hard To Cure (Album Mix)


Stream: ATB - Now Or Never (Feat. JanSoon) (Album Mix)


Stream: ATB - Straight To The Stars (Feat. Sean Ryan) (Album Mix)


Stream: ATB, Boss & Swan - Walking Awake (Album Mix)


Stream: ATB & Taylr - Everything Is Beautiful (Album Mix)


Stream: ATB - What Are You Waiting For (Feat. JanSoon) (Album Mix)


Stream:ATB - Still Here (Feat. Tiff Lacey) (ATB's Anthem 2014 Version)


Stream:ATB - Arms Wide Open (Feat. Vanessa) (Album Mix)

The second piece of the puzzle to Contact is the more ambient part that shows ATB's personal interests. Starting with the title track as a classically sounding progressive song, the further we dig into disc 2 the further it seems we get away from what we expect to hear. Moving from lullaby-like soothing music to the instrumentally focused, there becomes a special focus on the beauty of plain piano notes, stripped of any synth artificiality. "Breathe" and "Galaxia" exemplify the faith that ATB has in the piano standing on its own, reminding us that many times an original melody stemming from this instrument of choice in the oldest school of songwriting is still one of the best ways to develop melody. And sometimes, it doesn't need any frills.



Stream: ATB - Contact (Album Mix)


Stream: ATB - Trace Of Life (Album Mix)


Stream:ATB - When Angels Travel (Feat. Stefan Erbe) (Album Mix)


Stream: ATB - Jetstream (Feat. Anova) (Album Mix)


Stream:ATB - Supersonic (Album Mix)


Stream: ATB - Pacific Avenue (Feat. Fade) (Album Mix)


Stream: ATB - Red Sun (Album Mix)


Stream: ATB - The Mission (Album Mix)


Stream:ATB - Love The Silence (Album Mix)


Stream:ATB - Cursed By Beauty (Album Mix)


Stream: ATB - Galaxia (Album Mix)


Stream: ATB - Breathe (Feat. Anova) (Album Mix)


01. ATB feat. Sean Ryan – When It Ends It Starts Again
02. ATB with Boss and Swan – Raging Bull
03. ATB and JES – Together
04. ATB feat. Stanfour – Face To Face
05. ATB feat. Boss and Swan – Beam Me Up
06. ATB and JES – Hard To Cure
07. ATB feat. JanSoon – Now Or Never
08. ATB feat. Sean Ryan – Straight To The Stars
09. ATB with Boss and Swan – Walking Awake
10. ATB and Taylr – Everything Is Beautiful
11. ATB feat. JanSoon – What Are You Waiting For
12. ATB feat. Tiff Lacey – Still Here (ATB’s Anthem 2014 Version)
13. ATB feat. Vanessa – Arms Wide Open
14. ATB and York feat. JES – Right Back To You

01. ATB – Contact
02. ATB – Trace Of Life
03. ATB feat. Stefan Erbe – When Angels Travel
04. ATB feat. Anova – Jetstream
05. ATB – Supersonic
06. ATB feat. Fade – Pacific Avenue
07. ATB – Red Sun
08. ATB – The Mission
09. ATB – Love The Silence
10. ATB – Cursed By Beauty
11. ATB – Galaxia
12. ATB feat. Anova – Breathe

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ATB - Contact
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