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The real "Walter White" joins Above & Beyond on stage to "push the button" at EDC

It was a big night for Above & Beyond last night. The industry leading production trio proclaimed their fandom for AMC's iconic and award-winning show, Breaking Bad back in 2012 with the release of the powerful and brooding track named for the cast's lead character. "Walter White" has since remained a constant in their live performances, and at their midnight main stage performance at EDC Las Vegas last night, the track's relevancy hit new heights. While "pushing the button" is also a mainstay (and highlight) of Above & Beyond's live performances and Group Therapy radio show, it's usually a point where a fan from the crowd gets the opportunity to come on stage and join the guys on the decks to drop a beat. Lately we've been seeing the big moment happen during their radio hits like "Blue Sky Action," but last night, it was "Walter White" that got the special treatment. Instead of bringing a fan from the crowd, Breaking Bad's Bryan Cranston appeared to "push the button" on the track that was inspired by his leading character. Proving once again, you never know what will happen during festival season.

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