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Någå∞Någåmé(m) is keeping it spiritual with "Silence Is The Chorus"

Någå Någåmé(m) is a performing artist based out of Los Angeles who has been perfecting a free-form, poetic style of hip-hop that is currently being championed by his music & arts collective, The Ubiquitious Love TribeA classically trained vocalist, percussionist, and songwriter, Någå has made it his goal to meld the sounds of his native Liberian lineage with the consciousness & experimentation of the 90's Native Tongue and Soulquarian movements to create a new style self-dubbed "lyrical theatre". 

His first single exploring this new style is entitled "Silence is The Chorus" produced by Harris Cole. His unique vocal cadence and slightly off-kilter harmonies are as captivating as they are slightly haunting over the smooth keys of the instrumental as he explores the themes of life, love, and self-acceptance. This single has us hopeful for what Någå and the rest of the Ubiquitous Love Tribe have in store for the rest of year. Stay Peeled!

Connect with Någå Någåmé(m): Soundcloud | Facebook | Twitter

Connect with the Ubiquitous Love Tribe: Soundcloud | Facebook | Twitter


Hip-Hop · Rap


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