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Straight From The Teet - Sky Squadron & Seatraffic

There's no exact way of knowing how many songs are released in a day. Whether it be an eighteen second kazoo ditty on Soundcloud, or a Hypem track with 4 hearts, all music deserves a shot. Even on an independent blog like Earmilk, it's impossible to cover every band/song/remix worth listening too. That's why Straight From the Teet is back, and this time...IT'S DAILY! My name is Logan (aka Running) and I will be curating Earmilk's newest old feature, highlighting two up-and-coming artists from two different genres, so sit back and enjoy some good-old-fashioned, non-pasteurized, Earmilk. Drink it fast though, because I'll be coming back tomorrow with more..

(P.S. Check out Saturday Mornings, a blog I made with some close friends of mine)

Dream Pop

In two days I start the trek to lovely Cleveland. These past few days really have been an out-of-body experience; I try not to think about how much will have changed by the time I make it back to the Twin Cities, and Sky Squadron has certainly helped me avoid that reality-check. Their brand of dream pop has that distinct ethereal vibe, but is also surprisingly well orchestrated, dynamic, and complex. Great driving music and (dare I say) good early FALL tunage.

      01 Reverse The Polarities
Download: Sky Squadron - Reverse The Polarities

      04 Nautical Haste
Download: Sky Squadron - Nautical Haste


I have a nautical theme going on right now. My sheets, clothes, posters, all the stuff I've picked up for college, is very bleach-white sailboat-ish.  Seatraffic has also worked itself into this stylistic equation. They sound like a mix of Washed Out and Vampire Weekend, and that alone should be enough to make any college age kid check them out.

      01 Speed Limits
Download: Seatraffic - Speed Limits

      02 Beach Life
Download: Seatraffic - Beach Life

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