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Luckyiam - I Love Haters [ALBUM]

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Luckyiam, a member from Living Legends, has unleashed his "I Love Haters" on to the masses. Now, the title might catch you off guard but there's a point he's trying to make. He's quoted as saying "You can't critique anything anymore without being labeled a hater and I just don't agree with that so, I love haters aka, people who have great taste, style and originality who aren't afraid to express their opinions." This is one of the truest statements I've read recently. Many times, if you aren't 100% on board with something then somehow you are you are "hater" or you "don't get it" when really you should always try to find your own musical groove. Hell, I don't even like 100% of EVERYTHING that gets put on this site, by other authors. I don't "hate" any but you always have to have your own tastes. But, I'll definitely give anything a chance.

      04 For You (Feat. Aceyalone and Slug)
Download: Luckyiam - For You (Feat. Aceyalone and Slug)

      15 Another Lesson
Download: Luckyiam - Another Lesson

Somehow this post became about me and my personal opinion but let's get back to the album. Luckyiam has had his fair share of exposure just by being a dope MC and associations with Living Legends (Murs, Eligh, Aesop, etc). He's being doing this since the 90's so this game ain't new to him but he's definitely had his up's and down's in popularity. So, its good to see him drop such an amazingly complete project as this new album. It's got the classic hip-hop track that may stir up nostalgic like emotions from a "simpler times".  You'll find all types of topics covered on the album but this isn't a really a review but more of an overview so I'll let you discover the inner workings of this album. Check out a few select tracks and download the album for free.(Album is only free till the end of the month).

      07 Somethin2Say (Feat. Imani and Pep Love)
Download: Luckyiam - Somethin2Say (Feat. Imani and Pep Love)

      14 Guts
Download: Luckyiam - Guts

Download: Luckyiam - I Love Haters



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