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Pallers - "Come Rain, Come Sunshine" [Download]

The indie-pop stylings of the Swedish wonderboys known as Pallers are brilliantly infectious, their latest release "Come Rain, Come Sunshine" is no exception. With an official July 26 release date, this single will be the first off their upcoming record The Sea of Memories via Labrador Records. "CR, CS" is a throwback track that doesn't rely too heavily on the pre-determined formula for such songs. Sure they have the 808 percussion and transient synth motifs, but the vocals are wondrously understated to allow all the eclectic elements of their production to shine through.

Be sure to follow both Pallers and Labrador records @pallers and @labradorrecords respectively for info regarding upcoming gigs and further releases.

      01 Come Rain Come Sunshine
Download:Pallers - Come Rain, Come Sunshine

Electronica · Indie · Pop


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