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B.o.B - "No Future"

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Got a new track from B.o.B. called "No Future. Alot, of people are wondering if this is a diss track for Tyler The Creator who recently has some choice words for B.o.B. in his "Yonkers" track. I'm not so sure its a diss track for Tyler The Creation and a recent tweet from Tyler shows he doesn't think it is either. But check it out and you be the judge.

Whoa. I Don't Think The 'No Future' Song Is Even A Diss. But, Ive Never Heard Him Spit Like That. Took Me By Surprise, Cus Its Tight'
-Tweet from Tyler the Creator, aka Tyler the Creation, aka Tyler the Backpack

*Edit: Kind of jumped on gun on what Tyler meant in his tweet. After re-reading it; it looks like Tyler was taking yet another little jab at B.o.B by basically saying that this track caught him off guard because it's actually good. The main reason I didn't think it was a real odd future diss track was because why would B.o.B. do this anyway. He's only setting himself up and giving exposure to OF anyway. Plus it wasn't like the line in the "Yonkers" track was a bonafide  diss. But i guess "faggot" could definitely start some fights. If anything B.o.B. should of just taken it in stride. We'll see how it plays out.

Download: B.o.B - No Future



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