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A G-Eazy remix premiere with a twist: "Let's Get Lost"

Three years ago, G-Eazy and I were standing in the "Disco Kroger" parking lot with his manager Matt, and videographer Tyler Yee, spitballing ideas. You could see the gleam in his eyes, and the energy he was generating. Two hours prior, he was jumping around a stage at A3C. Moments later, we'd be at the world famous Clermont Lounge. I'm not going to tell you all what happened that night, because what happens at the Clermont, stays at the Clermont.

Since that afternoon, I've had the pleasure of getting to know G-Eazy, Matt, and Tyler. One thing that struck me early about G-Eazy has been his grasp of distribution technology. Young Gerald understands at a fundamental level how people hear new music, and how his fans access him. It's not just about putting it up on Soundcloud and seeing what sticks. He's never been content to do that, as evidenced by his multi-pronged business attack.

If you're just here for the new remix of "Let's Get Lost feat. Devon Baldwin" by Jarreau Vandal, well – it's right below your nose right now. You won't be disappointed. It's a funky groove, and Devon Baldwin's voice cuts through the piano nicely. Add it to your "Songs That Cause Child Support Payments" playlist.

…But G-Eazy wouldn't be G-Eazy if he was content to just drop a remix and let it go. He's not just a pretty face (Which, I might mention, is three inches above my head – I think he's like 6'6"?); Young Gerald the business mastermind steps in when rapper G-Eazy steps out.

(Alternate, if you dig YouTube, you can play it here.)

If you're in the business of selling music, you probably hate torrents, because torrents are evil, because reductive logic, and something about something else you heard? I mean, it's stealing, and stealing is bad, and if you even have a torrent client on your computer, you've probably heard horror stories about some 19 year old girl getting sued for a gazillion dollars for her downloading habits. You might even go to jail and endure horrible prison experiences, all because you needed to enjoy a new album. Sounds harsh, right?

You know what G-Eazy says to that? Fuck that. He just metaphorically Rick-James-muddy-boot-rubbed your couch. Fuck yo' usual torrents. If you want to torrent G-Eazy's music, he's going to make it easier for you. In fact, he'll even give you extra songs, unreleased album art, b-sides, and a whole bunch of stuff that wasn't online in the first place.

Link to his official Bit Torrent for "These Things Happen", right here.

You see, G-Eazy is a smart business man. He thinks like a Caribbean merchant trader in the late 1700s, during the golden age of piracy. The pirates are out there, and it's stupid to fight pirates, because they don't play by the rules anyway. That's why they're pirates. (Insert cheesy "Argh!" here.)

Metaphorically speaking, G-Eazy just called out to all the pirates, "Hey Pirates, come hang on my boat with me. I'm rolling a blunt of some fire weed, and I've got a cask of whiskey. Let's drink it neat, and party together." You can't rob someone who is inviting you to enjoy their bounty. Strategy moved. Paradigm – shifted.

What's the bounty look like?


Order “These Things Happen”


Order G-Eazy’s album “These Things Happen”

“These Things Happen” Mini-Mix

Sneak preview of G-Eazy’s album “These Things Happen”

“Must Be Nice”

G-Eazy’s self-produced/recorded 2012 album/mixtape

G-Eazy Merchandise

Link to G-Eazy Online Merch Store.

These Things Happen Album Art

Black cover

These Things Happen Album Art

White cover


Full frame white photo


Huge collection of G-Eazy Photos from 2011-2014

“The Day It All Changed”

Unreleased track.

“The Endless Summer”

G-Eazy’s classic 2011 doo wop inspired mixtape


G-Eazy Merchandise

Link to merch store

Order “These Things Happen”

Order G-Eazy’s album “These Things Happen”


Collection of G-Eazy track art, show posters & graphics.


“Last Night” ft. KYLE & DEVON + “Sleepless” ft. NYLO


Huge collection of very rare G-Eazy mixtape tracks & singles.

G-Eazy “Loaded”

ft. Carnage MUSIC VIDEO

G-Eazy music video // Directed by Tyler Yee.

“Let's Get Lost” ft Devon Baldwin (Jarreau Vandal Remix)

Dutch producer Jarreau Vandal reworks
G-Eazy’s “Let’s Get Lost” ft. Devon Baldwin

“Monica Lewinsky” ft. Skizzy Mars

Unreleased track.

“Must Be Twice”

Christoph Andersson’s rework of “Must Be Nice”

“These Things Also Happened”

Christoph Andersson’s rework of some “These Things Happen” tracks.



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