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Women are amazing all year around, in case anyone forgot

Happy Monday after International Women's Day (and the cool Google Letterhead Search that came along with it)! In all seriousness, this is a cup half full type of day for me every year. I sometimes wonder why there is only a single day dedicated to all of the amazing things women accomplish all year round. I have some of the same reservations with occasions like Black History Month or Hispanic Heritage Month, but the point is: "womyn" are dope throughout the year, and here's a list of some examples of this amazing-ness:

       Jorja Smith

       #BlackGirlMagic is still in full effect (if you don't know what this is, you must live under a rock) with artists such as Jorja Smith stirring up beautiful sounds in the R&B/Soul genre, especially since she shaved her hair (#shavedheadgirlsdoitbetter). But most importantly, dropping an amazing visual and song in honor of IWD. The video/song, titled "Beautiful Little Fools", is a reflection and a letter to all of us women speaking earnestly about some of our own superficial shortcomings. "Designing something that is not their reflection, becoming a beautiful little Hollywood perception", in this age where careers are born on social media sites such as Instagram, it's refreshing to hear something simply, but artfully laid out. She embodies 3 different characters in the video, all at different social statuses, which we can suggest is Jorja showing that this letter is addressed to us all. Either way, it's beautiful and it would be a disservice to miss the video.


          FKA Twigs & Nike Women 

          While were on the topic of British Invasion, it would also be a disservice to not see FKA Twigs' Nike Women video, which slays life. Considering she's the new Creative Director of the forward thinking brand, I figured she should get a mention. I only wish one day to look as good as she does with a sports bra on backwards. The video has representation of all kinds and makes Nike seem like the fashion brand capital of the world. I truly blessed my eyes with the visual and I look forward to what she has in the future for the brand, which recently dropped the "Pro Hijab" for Muslim Athletes. This makes them the first athletic company to do something of this caliber. They've been breaking barriers of all kinds for women in fitness with their Nike Women Plus Size Collection, and responded well to the backlash that they received for this. Which, heads up, you cannot tell if someone's healthy by simply having a photo of them! Some of y'all act like you actually buy some of that Nike gear to work out in any way. Ever since sports luxe became a trend, you can't tell when someone's going to the gym or going to a show anymore, regardless, I'm definitely going to be on the lookout for what other things Nike Women has to offer with FKA Twigs at their side.



       Getting back to the topic of music, Syd has dropped the sexiest album in a while this year. "Fin" is appropriate to set any mood, and actually surprised me since it's such a step back in some ways from her The Internet persona. I'm not going to lie, I'm biased since she's definitely my celeb crush. The album also is an amazing stance to her widely know queerness and shows us that she's not backing away from it in any instance, which I feel brings the album to new heights. Syd feels just as comfortable as you do while listening with your partner, and that's all that matters. "Smile More" is my recommendation for a night to float away on and light some candles to. "Fin" is definitely not an end, but a beginning to a new age with Syd.



       Kehlani dropped "SweetSexySavage" not too long ago, which is definitely self explanatory of what it caters to in all of us women, whether the sweet, sexy, or savage sides. (guilty of blaring "Personal" in the car quite a few times) With all the drama in the past with her love life, its good to know she was channeling all of this into her new album and even addresses her bout with depression in numerous songs. It's just as important to recognize her openness with her mental health as it is to see her confidence and how that balancing act can occur in all of our lives. Mental health matters and I commend Kehlani on being so open on her experiences with it. Not to mention dropping a dope album that's the soundtrack to my morning routine. 



       Beyoncé defied gravity with two baby Knowles-Carters in her stomach at the Grammy's with a performance giving it up to all the mommas in the world; and she still only won "Urban Contemporary Album of the Year" for Lemonade which was the woman's manifesto for the next couple years. (I'm obviously still hurt about it.) I've had "Shining" on repeat as a sign of protest. Keep shining Bey.


Honorable mentions: I'm still going to Saint Heron events by Solange religiously, do yoursef a favor and just go. & the 20th anniversary of Erykah Badu's ever historic "Baduizm" just passed.

This list is just a portion of how amazing women are and how they make a true impact on music and more, and they're just this amazing every other day of the year. You know, just in case any one forgot.

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