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Early Rising unveils their new "Early Service" to help provide creative services to up-and-coming artists

The process behind outsourcing and finding quality creative services these days is so overcrowded that it can seem overwhelming when looking for graphic designers and creative directors without having prior connections.  That is exactly what music discovery platform Early Rising's new venture "Early Service" seeks to remedy; good, quality creative services for rising artists on a budget.  

Through an application on earlyservice.co, artists are able to fill out their deadline, budget, and details on what they're looking for from the service which will then provide them with professionals who can develop everything from websites, merchandise, cover art, and even professional photography in select cities.  An invaluable tool for any independent artist who is new to the sometimes confusing world of professional creative services, "Early Service" is a one-stop shop for all things design and consulting.  

After starting Early Rising at the start of 2020 and since growing its following to over 12,000 on Instagram, founder Sam Morrison has made it his goal to be on the forefront of helping independent artists execute their vision, no matter how ambitious.  "We truly want to live up to our name and become the one stop shop for any up and coming artist/entity looking for help, and I’m overjoyed for Early Service to be the beginning of that vision.”  Sometimes it seems like the tools for young artists' success are in few hands, but with platforms like Early Rising accelerating the artist development process, there is hope for all independent artists to find their dream creative team without sacrificing too much money or sanity.  

Connect with Early Rising:  Website | Instagram | Twitter 

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