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Ahead Financials looks to spark the conversation about financial heath in music with new campaign, 'Ahead For All'

In preparation for its launch this summer, digital banking and financial health platform, Ahead Financials, is taking a cross-cultural approach to bring its financial services products directly into the life experiences of underserved customers through a mix of digital and live experiences. With the amount of independence that is available to artists nowadays, companies like Ahead have made banking easier for some artists in the industry, creating a relationship between them and music.

"Financial inclusion is a very real issue and a struggle that millions of Americans and I, as an immigrant, know all too well," said Ahead CEO, Anu Shultes. "As someone who understands the financial needs of underserved customers first hand, I have made it my personal and professional mission to help every American have access to a safe and healthy financial system."

The campaign dubbed, 'Ahead for All' is rooted in the company's mission to help all people create financially secure futures, and features interactive elements and experiences such as an AR experience on the future of banking, a celebrity NBA2K tournament, and a docu-series from Marvin Bing interviewing stars about their financial experiences and much more. The most anticipated initiative announced though is that Ahead has teamed up with Music BREAKr and Audiomack to curate a 12-track compilation that features contributions from VintageHD, Josh Lamont, 10CTY and more. 

"We're flipping the script to connect with customers on both cultural and personal levels through a mix of immersive and interactive experiences that puts the financial health conversation in context with their everyday lives and interests," explains Ahead COO and Head of People, Kimberly Morgan. "Ahead offers customers access to the financial tools they need to make their money work for them, not the other way around."

Be sure to take a listen to the 12-track project above and get familiar with Ahead Financials. 

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