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Red Bull Music Academy to take over Montreal for over a month

Red Bull Music Academy is a well known extension of the Red Bull brand, which aids innovative ideas and brings together a global network of people. The concept has made roots in cities from New York, Montreal, London, Sidney, Tokyo, and far more over its 18 year span. During the fall, a series of live shows, conferences, visual installations, and collaborative means, will take place from Sept. 24th to October 28th.

Red Bull's musical initiatives in a world wide arena now help upcoming producers and established artists unite. The importance of an extended event like the Music Academy is the opportunity that it presents creative individuals in new spaces to come together. Whether seeing the digital mapping of Icelandic singer Björk's new VR project, hearing local artists like Tiga, Jaques Greene, or CFCF play live, or even spending time at the last Piknic Electronik, you're sure to find something over the whole period.  


CFCF and Jean-Michel Blais collaborate and experiment live

CFCF is based out of Montreal with a history producing minimal hypnotizing music. His style is surely unique and borders on the realms of experimental ambience. While CFCF has remained relatively quite in the past year, he is undoubtedly behind the scenes in a studio space working on a professional progression. Jean-Michel Blais, a French-Canadian pianist who takes minimalistic pop to a new meaning, will be playing with CFCF for the first time ever. Imagine the peaceful melodies of Blais being organically remixed on the spot by a contemporary experimental artist, now doesn't that sound amazing?      

When: October 5th
Where: Place Des Arts (175 Rue Sainte-Catherine, H2X 1Y9)
Cost: $21.50 Tickets 


Björk creates an digital art installation at PHI Centre

The Iclandic singer and song writer Björk is a celebrated musician in her own right. The creative consistency evident through her discography and elaborate music videos has helped build her career. Björk is taking a bigger step towards building her world by creating a new virtual reality experience that will syncronize music from her 2015 album Vulnicura. The exhibit is sure to be a sensual combination of her unique music combined with video content from previous music videos and new concepts to be covered.    

When: October 15th to November 11th
Where: DHC/Art Foundation (451 – 465 St-Jean Street, H2Y 2R6)
Cost: $15 before Sept. 30th, $20 after Oct. 1 ($5 less for students and seniors) 

Bjork performs at Red Bull Music Academy Festival  at 23 Wall Street, NY, USA on May 15th, 2015.

Bjork performs at Red Bull Music Academy Festival at 23 Wall Street, NY, USA on May 15th, 2015.

Tiga embarks into his debut live show at Arsenal

The humorous house producer Tiga is organizing a show alongside a stellar lineup of artists. Tiga is coming out of the summer after the new release of his album No Fantasy Required, which is sure to be mixed with a blend of his classics. The Martinez Brothers, a deep house duo from Brooklyn, will play during the night along with the Matias Aguayo, a Chile producer who is making serious commotion. 

When: October 27th
Where: Arsenal Club (2020 Rue William, H3J 1R8)
Cost: $30 Tickets 

Tiga photo credit Jeremy Deputat Red Bull Content Pool

Make sure to follow Red Bull Music Academy for future updates and information about the upcoming events. There are still certain details still kept secret, such as the final location and lineup for the Academy's last blow out party. From the endless nights of live music to the creative art installations, the Music Academy will take Montreal with full force. You can check out the full schedule below to see all the upcoming events.


Connect with Red Bull Music Academy: Website | Facebook | Twitter 

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