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Toronto's ALL BLAK Records partner with Houseaddict for BLAKOUT this Saturday

Time has shown to be a positive thing in relation to Toronto’s music scene. Over the past few years the electronic music community has been rethought and re-built; it’s underground scene has united and localized. This Saturday, two of the cities best underground crews - Houseaddict & ALL BLAK have banded together to birth BLAKOUT.

Founded in 2014, ALL BLAK used to be one of the city's hidden gems, and have quickly graduated to heavy hitters in the underground party scene, bringing their signature style of “The sounds of the underground with a touch of blak” to the hotbed of the tech house/techno scene. From the days of Footwork Night club, to the new era of CODA, over the last twelve years, Houseaddict has been throwing unique jams all over the city. Since its beginning, Houseaddict has had its finger on the pulse of the electronic music and prides itself on staying at the forefront of Toronto’s best local sounds.

There is so much happening in this city and even more talent bleeding out from behind basement and venue doors, and BLAKOUT is a perfect example of this. Toronto no longer needs to lean so heavily on internationals to fill venues. If your looking to listen to some real local talent and enjoy some house and techno, go check this show out. 

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