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Chris Lake Opening DJ Contest Winners

Trying to get your big break in the brimming dance music industry takes a lot of skill, mountains of hard work, and sometimes that random opportunity often only reserved for "friends of a friend". Well, thankfully artists like Chris Lake and the guys over at Rising Music understand that the possibility to show your talents should be open to all qualified DJs and producers, which is why they've been running the Rising Fall tour contest. Over the course of September the show will crisscross America, with performances ranging from New York to San Diego, and Florida to LA. Alongside the budding DJs will also be support from heavyweight artists, TJR, GTA, and Nom De Strip. After weeks of waiting, the winner of each opening spot has arrived.

- Sept 6th - Guelph - Zach Rychlik
- Sept 7th - New York - Bryan Alexander
- Sept 8th - San Diego - Breesa Herrera
- Sept 12th - Orlando - Alberto Piedrahita
- Sept 13th - Tallahassee - Austen van der Bleek
- Sept 14th - Miami - Jason Doh
- Sept 20th - Los Angeles -  Giovanni Diaz
- Sept 21st - Seattle - Chad Harris & Laura Courtney

Grab Tickets to the Miami, Los Angeles and Seattle shows above and be sure to give an extra warm welcome to the contest's lucky winners.

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