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Dutil Denim Launches Dutil Records

Vancouver based denim boutique Dutil recently launched their newest venture into music. With the launch of the label Dutil founder Eric Dickstein wants to give emerging artists an opportunity to have their music heard. Himself once an aspiring musician, he experienced the struggle and lack of monetary gain being a musician can have in the careers of many artists. Now that he has been able to launch a very successful denim boutique in both Vancouver and Toronto it seems he wants to expand and give back to his roots. 

The records come out on Vinyl the first titled Serotonin - To Long For You - Sessions, Vol. 1. I attended the in store launch/performance where bands like Chin Injeti, Omar Khan, and Sophia Danai played. Having a live performance in a small cozy shop like Dutil was a cool and very unique experience. If you want to learn more about their upcoming projects be sure to check out their website where you can also purchase a vinyl.



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