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Equala's App Plays The Songs Your Friends are Listening To

With the app world growing bigger and bigger every day, you might be wondering why you need another one for your phone. Let’s start with how many times have you heard your friends say, “You have to listen to this song! Amiright!? Well if you are looking to grab those tunes for your collection than this is the app for you. EQuala is the first social radio station that enables you, to create a custom-made music stream based on the songs your friends and other music lovers are currently tuning up.  


With a stacked catalog of over 23 million tunes, EQuala is available for free on both iOS and Android devices. So how does this all work? With this new technology you create what they call a personal “Equalizer.” This is where your friends and social network live and where you can socialize about the music. Similar to a social media platform, you build comprehensive profiles based on music shared via Spotify, Youtube, Songza, and other digital platforms. This helps simplify connections and discussions dedicated to music. Essentially you create a ‘Music DNA’ that builds a custom music stream based exclusively on the music you and your friends listen to. So go ahead, grab the app and start discovering music in a different way. 





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