Album Review: Mord Fustang - 9999 in 1

Album Review: Mord Fustang - 9999 in 1
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Mord Fustang
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9999 in 1
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Mord Fustang is and always has been an anonymous artist creating electronic music for the mass delight. His work with new melodies and authentic synths in mid 2012 was paramount at the time in retrospect to other musicians. No body really knew who this magical force was or where his ideas spawned from. Every new Soundcloud upload erupted in hours, but was always only two minute teases.

Now Mord Fustang has launched into 2015 with the full ambition of excelling his own sound. The world is finally graced with his first full-length album titled 9999 in 1. The entire work stretches ten tracks long and features original styles and new directions from this talented musician.    

"1984" is the album opener and has a retro video game vibe that is defining of where Mord Fustang draws much of his inspiration. The vibrant energy and high bpm move with haste as it rushes along to start this series of tracks. 

The start of "Drivel" instantly sounds similar to that of a classic Mord Fustang track. The booming melody and complex introduction leaves you breathless for more, until a beautiful beat comes in and knocks away any doubts about this track's authenticity.

The second half comes around with even more unique vigor. There is an undoubtable reason why "Drivel" is the second sequence to the album, as if to show a taste of what we once knew from Mord Fustang.

"Pop" is realistically my favourite track on 9999 in 1 because of the energy and loop Mord Fustang creates with LIINKS. The vocals flow overtop of each other in an interesting blend until a heavy synth comes crashing on the melody in a vicious way. There's something really catchy about the way this song transitions and I can easily see it being blasted live.

The album takes a heavier turn when "PRESS START" comes crunching down. The aggressive bass and  vintage computer sounds are layered over top of each other at a mellow pace. The second half of the track changes again in a mash of vocals before coming back to the familiar computer tone. 

The fourth hit on 9999 in 1 continuously delivers, as "Doppleganger" creates a suspenseful soundscape of complextro rhythms that resonate perfectly. It has just the right amount of tension that builds you up and doesn't 'drop' you, instead shooting out a heavy beat.

"Skyward World" is slower than most of the other tracks, but takes a big breather in the album with elongated synths and a rhythm that gently works it's way into the sound structure. The vocals are distorted and only tease along side the melody. I sense a serious Deadmau5 influence here, whether consciously or subconsciously. 

If "Skyward World" was the album's intermission with smooth tones, "No Way To Stop" brings it back right into the frenzy with a faster and thicker paced beat. It's energetic and groovy, but a short tease at only two minutes and fifteen seconds. 

"Elite Beat Agent" is the second track on the album that feels significantly old-school Mord. He brings 9999 in 1 back to his signature style with warped vocals that slowly fade in and out and a high toned melody layered on top. This track feels rightly placed to bring us back to a sound so sweet. 

Now as if that old-school taste wasn't enough, Mord Fustang decides to please his fanbase again with the second part of his "Milky Way" mind set. Pt. 2 instantly hits you with a wave of dub. You're left dazed and stunned, until a melody transports you to the second wave of tremble.

"The Morning After The Morning After Pill" is the final track on 9999 in 1. It has an interesting beginning that moves into a progressive flow until a series of notes brace the melody. It's only a three minute fade away, but like any good outro, it does its part for the unique album experience. 

The entire flow of tracks moves very smoothly from start to finish in an organized fashion and complex blend of synths and melodies combined. Mord Fustang clearly hasn't lost his touch in any way, but instead has grown in production skill bringing a fresh taste to the electronic movement.

Although it's been quite some time since we've last heard from him, this new album settles any concerns about his absence on the scene. Mord Fustang has left his presence permanently now by producing a ten track masterpiece. This is exactly why 9999 in 1 deserves a nine out of ten. 

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Mord Fustang - 9999 in 1


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