Album Review: DJ Red - Duality EP

Album Review: DJ Red - Duality EP
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DJ Red
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Simona Calvani, better known by her stage name DJ Red, has been causing a scene in Roma's Goa Club for over a decade with her love for the deep, atmospheric, minimal, and mystic. Holding down a residency there since the late 90's she managed to establish herself as a recognizable act playing sets that touch base on the headier edge of techno music. Initially starting her creative endeavor as a student of fashion design, it was in her fashion pursuit that she stumbled across the ever-growing electronic scene happening around her that completely inspired her to delve into musical aspirations. Crafting her skill as a DJ for quite some time before her initial release as a producer in 2005, Calvani made an impressive debut with Silk Or Metal that quickly gained her fame. Since then she's released a number of singles and EP's that lead up to Duality -- her debut on Electric Deluxe.

Much like her carefully paced flow in releasing her music, the three tracks found in Duality are an easy-listening and slow to develop enchantment that float and come together seamlessly. While "Destiny" is truly the ambient beauty we could all use after an intense body workout on a night full of pumping techno music or that rectifying lo-fi set, the unwinding charm of the track displays both Calvani's understanding and unique niche for the minimal, trippy-esque brand of techno she creates.

But before we reach that, title track "Duality"  hits a deep chord with tricky subtleties and growing modulations that showcase a savory maturation in Calvani's production essence. Seven minutes of tensity and pace work through layers of heavy sound design that reward you as you pay close attention with your ears and bodily instinct; it really is just one of those track's that gets you moving. "Double Vision" is that fun thumper found in the middle that properly functions as a tool and a gem fully capable to stand its own ground. Quick and to the point the knocking kicks flow like a heart beat ready to release agitation. It's clear DJ Red loves pumping up listeners for a climax that never fails to impress on this release.

Duality is one of those releases you can't get bored of because the more you listen, the more detail you find encrusted. If that doesn't speak to the care and attention given to Calvani's craft, you're totally missing out on the point. Great atmospherics adorn this release  that will give you a grand lift in whatever listening situation you find yourself in.

A job well done for this Italian mastermind.

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