Album Review: Figure - Monsters Volume 5

Album Review: Figure - Monsters Volume 5
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Monsters Volume 5
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Figure is one music producer whose flow of creativity and content is never ending and consistently quality. Josh Gard's interest in the gore and spectacular effects behind horror films is what has sparked so much ambition behind his Monster Series and eventually led him to work with Universal Studios on the Hollywood Horror Nights. Now on his Terrorvision Tour, Figure aims to truly bring a whole new element of horror to his live shows. EARMILK has the honoured privilege of being the first website with an official stream of the whole volume, so indulge your ears on the master work below.  

To start Monsters Volume off, Figure begins on a powerful move with "House on Haunted Hill". There is a short prelude of Cas One's verse, letting the listener anxiously await Figure's signature sound . You're suddenly hit with a impacting bass line that tears away any assumptions about what's to come.

The second stage into this album comes on a more electrifying edge as "Monster Mania". This chaotic song starts on an unstable beginning before coming hard with tension in the second half. This track shows a different side of Figure as it moves away from his dub side. 

"It's Alive" is the third track and starts with a static intro that sounds somewhat psychotic. The crescendoing build brings you to a throttling shakedown before D-Styles and Figure combine forces once again in a hectic scheme that rings out with sheer aggression. 

The album single, "Friday the 13th", came out four months prior the album release and certainly had all Figure fans everywhere excited for what he had in store. The song appears as if Figure has gone back to his roots once again to bring forth the thick and violent dubstep structure that we all loved with his earliest work. 

The power behind the dark bass shakes the listener down to his core with a purely sinister impact. The second drop brings in an even heavier storm of violent bass that sounds like a firing spree. 

"Never Sleep Again" is a taunting interlude that breaks the force after one of the strongest singles on the entire album. It doesn't stall the intensity but carries into the next track. 

Instantly we're brought back into the terrifying realm Figure has begun to create with these annual albums. The harsh voice of "Freddy Krueger" is too eerily rememberable before Figure comes crashing hard with dark dub. Whispers of a girls voice over the thrashing sounds of bass is utterly chilling. This song is powerfully good with a typical Figure vengeance.

"Pumkinhead" is murderously malicious with lasers and sharp synths. The track takes you on a wild start before Kool Keith fades in and out with slow verse. This ends in another triumphant smash of sound as lasers meet Figure in full force.    

"Return to House on Haunted Hill" brings the listener on one of the most vividly intense sound designs on the entire volume. The chaotic structure and fast passed stabs at the bass line are rapid in recession and hit harder than ever. One of my personal favourites. 

"Evil Dead" is jacked full of high energy synths and bass waves. The screeching notes and restless structure give no ease of tension until Figure stalls the track momentarily with his typical movie samples. The second half once again returns to the terror.

"Pennywise the Clown" is a new side of Josh that I didn't see coming until I was hit with a murderous bpm. Cas One's verse comes crunching in on this track with halted suspension that builds up once again to another onslaught from Figure himself.  

The next song comes in with such force that it will practically knock the senses out of you as this track is packed full of ammunition. You're hit repeatedly again and again with sheer impact until Bitter Stephens comes in with a perfect transition. Figure's last move on "Jason Is Dead" is full throttle at maximum and leaves none standing.

 Dirty Deeds and Figure collaborate on "Creatures from the Black Lagoon", a wobble infused nightmare. The echoes of an "Aliens" style are apparent with a similar tempo and retro samples of old sci-fi horror films. 

Lastly, the outro titled "Stay out of the Cellar" is eerily slow and relatively spooked out as it fades this bass ensemble and chaotic twelve track mix out into oblivion.

There has been a continuous growth of Josh's own ability and production with every new Monsters Volume. Figure has taken his fans on a musical trip over the past five Monster series. The first volume was a six track selection that was made in only a four days. The sci-fi element and complexity of tracks like "Aliens" and "Zombies" were wide spread loved by the dubstep community. Volume 3 saw a handful of original productions all matched with remixes from other dubstep musicians. Volume 4 was his longest work yet with thirteen tracks, which reflected his involvement with Universal Studios at the time making theatric sounding music.

Now with this latest release, Volume 5 moves away from the cinematic element and brings his listeners back to the signature dubstep styled horror songs that attracted his fans from the beginning. The overall aggressive mood and chaotic soundscapes are no new genre nor some experimental idea, but it is what made people fall in love with Figure. His return to powerful and rapid drumstep structures was not completely present on Volume 4, which makes this Volume stick out even more. This is why Figure deserves a nine out of ten on the newest addition to the Monster family. 

You can catch Figure on the Terrorvision Tour this Fall season as he wreaks havoc all across America with his horrifying display of graphic imagery to match his chilling sound designs. All tour dates are listed below, but first a preview of what can be expected on this live tour. 

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