Album Review: Dreadlock - Summertime Synthesis

Album Review: Dreadlock - Summertime Synthesis
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Summertime Synthesis
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Based and brewed in the mad metropolis of Montreal, this musician is thriving on tweaks and transitions. Dreadlock is an upcoming artist who has been featured several times prior on EARMILK with numerous premieres, such as, "Run and Bawnce" and "So Long My Dear". He is keen to involve in style and skill, as he spends a considerable amount of time in the studio solely producing. This album, Summertime Synthesis, takes what Dreadlock has mastered from his past knowledge and combines all attributes together in one official collective. All tracks can be downloaded from Soundcloud here.  

To start his EP off, Dreadlock begins with a suspenseful tone on the track "Akatain". This experimental soundscape completely immerses you in odd sounds and sensual vocals. The song builds up slowly with dark drums that are layered in. 

The second track off Summertime Synthesis is the robotically lush song, "So Long My Dear". The track begins with a small piece on tweaked vocals before bursting into a sexy groove. Daft Punk like vocals pierce the melody, as the song moves with a slow tempo. 

"Rise" is a creative orchestral redo of Skrillex's song "Fire Away".  Dreadlock keeps barely any part of the original song except for clips of the lyrics. Instead, he has built an intensifying version that climaxes in heavy electro. The hard hitting synths and stinging licks of acid make "Rise" one of Dreadlocks most diverse songs on the entire album. "Rise" is not officially on the album, but instead has been given to EARMILK's readers as an exclusive download. 


"Danger.Drugz." starts on a glitchy note that completely throws you off before a melodic beat comes in. With a hypnotic pace, the track moves over several peeks of complexity. This funky piece of electro comes a little short on timing, but is best fitted for a transition to the second half of the album. 

Album single and easily the hottest song for summer time is album-titled single, "SummerTime Synthesis". From the robots to the main lyricist, all vocals belong to Prince Loafer, aka, Dreadlock. By constantly changing the octaves and keeping a constant uplifting mood, Dreadlock manages to deliver spark. This song is certified fresh to please the masses, yet it's best fit for good weather. 

Finally, the last tune on the album is "A Prince Without A King". This second taste of summer sounds is slightly more mellow because of its lyrics. Yet, the vibrant melody never lets the song loose motion, as it has a springy structure.

Dreadlock has really pushed through personal limitations with this entire work. By constantly keeping his sound switching, yet never loosing key elements of himself reflected into his music, he manages to create an aura around himself. This aura becomes an expectation and a surprise with each new release. SummerTime Synthesis meets this criteria with multiple levels of complexity, which is why it received an eight and a half. 

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