Album Review: Zeds Dead - Somewhere Else

Album Review: Zeds Dead - Somewhere Else
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Zeds Dead
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Somewhere Else
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Nothing has ever seemed to slow or discourage DC and Hooks, formally known as Zeds Dead. These two musical geniuses are still capturing dubstep in a creative grasp that never loosens its grip. Practically anyone and everyone is familiar with this Canadian duo who originally hail from Toronto. They've never stuck to one type of music, yet have somehow managed to create their own unique style that keeps on delivering gem after gem. If you've been listening to Zeds Dead for some time you've surely heard this duo cross almost all genres. If you listen to their mixes, you've probably heard even more of a musical palette. Now EARMILK is proud to show  Zeds Dead's next endeavour, Somewhere Else.   

I've had the opportunity to meet Zach and Dylan a handful of times and have seen them disrupt crowds of hungry, bass feigning, fans by working together on stage. I am not sure what it is about these two, but they blend better than PB and jelly. It seems this contagious relationship can only spread to whomever they share the studio with, as Somewhere Else has several collaborations and featured singers. Yet, Zeds Dead also deliver a few originals for their dedicated and dub-crazed supporters. 

To begin this behemoth list off, Zeds Dead commence on an absolute crowd shaker, titled "Collapse". Similar to their Marina and the Diamonds remix, the song features a lovely female vocal from Memorecks. This is not the first time they've joined forces with Memorecks, as Zeds Dead seem to work well with her soft yet powerful voice. Ironically titled, "Collapse" really ignites the album in a burst of energy and sharp synths.  

"Hadouken" was the first release off Somewhere Else and initial taste of what was to come. The song is notoriously robust, moving over a range of tempos and soundscapes. Around half way the song completely changes and enters a chaotic breakdown that punches a thick bass on the listener. Easily one of the most people pleasers, it is no wonder why Zeds Dead chose this track as the album pretext. 

The only video so far for this EP is for the second released song, titled "Lost You". Twin Shadow and D'Angelo Lacy join forces with DC and Hooks to make a vibrant song, visually and musically. The music video is colour scattered and psychedelic to the extreme, brace your eyes for a carnival ride. 

At the half way point in the album, Zeds Dead kick it back with some pure dub in "Bustamove". Paying testimony to their past, the track sounds similar to a few songs off the duo's Hot Sauce EP. The bouncy bass and melodic transitions create a perfect shift as we embark into the final four tracks. 

Who better fitting, but Omar LinX to collaborate on a new Zeds Dead track. Whenever Omar LinX and Zeds Dead collide, it always sounds smoother than 3.8% cream. To make this track even sexier, Big Gigantic teamed up with these old friends to add his own personal touch. What resulted is a jazzy hip hop track that has the slightest teases of wub to spice the soundscape.

To turn up the heat after a slower paced song, Zeds Dead come back with an electrifying tune, titled "Where Are You Now?". With Bright Lights singing and Dirtyphonics to help with production, "Where Are You Now?" is one of the most electro sounding songs. DC and Hooks steer away from their dub roots for a quick break.

"Dead Price" is crude and mellow, yet properly fitting as it brings the album near to its finish. The track features lyrics from "Sean Price" who starts off on a sobering slur of aggressive lines that match the shaky bass line. The two musical forces go well together until Zeds Dead bring back their signature dub in a thick finish that completely throws out all lyrics. 

The last track takes all that you've heard by concluding in a fast pace chaotic scheme. They give no mercy and leave no moment unattended, as the duo come crashing down with "Blink". Perry Farrell collaborated with Zeds Dead, whose voice is the perfect poppy fit for the track. Switching between calming lyrics and bass, the song leads up to a final shoot-out of lasers and climaxing pitch. 

This album is overtly intrinsic in design and flavour. Hooks and DC managed to brilliantly market the right tracks at the right time, creating a perfect build of anticipation. Combine this skillful timing with clever propaganda on social media sites and what you're left with is a powerful piece of work. Taking measures into their hands even further, Zeds Dead went ahead and teamed up with BitTorrent to offer an exclusive package to their fans. Without loosing their free material mentality, they gave away a lost track from the album, the "Lost You" video, and some photo goodies. 

Zeds Dead's work ethic with other producers has never slowed down and continuously grows. Yet, despite the duo's efforts to collaborate with other musicians, there is a lack of flow from the beginning of the album to the very end. Somewhere Else is a mix of Zeds Dead's music capabilities, yet to analyze this as an entire collective work would be to ignore an essential criteria for a full album review. This is what made Somewhere Else hit an eight and a half, as opposed to a nine. 

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