Album Review: The Hydrothermal Vents - Secrets of the Deep!

Album Review: The Hydrothermal Vents - Secrets of the Deep!
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The Hydrothermal Vents
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Secrets of the Deep!
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Soaring with beautiful guitar riffs and dream-like vocals are The Hydrothermal Vents, a two piece band from Quebec comprised of John Tielli and Tessa Kautzman. Both respective solo musicians at heart initially united by their general love for The Pixies and dance music, the two have collaborated for a couple years already and now reveal the fruits of their labor. Secrets of the Deep! is their debut album and it brightly strikes from various corners of the dance floor. Upon first listen, one can clearly cite inspiration from bands like The Talking Heads to the B52's, but categorizing the band that oblate would be an injustice to all the work put in. Their ability to beautifully mesh sounds from the past and present in a span of 9 tracks establishes them as one of today's most exciting upcoming post-punk/ dance-rock acts.


The album kicks off with "Inside A Movie", a moving tune with a beautiful duo vocal performance from both Tielli and Kautzman. Complemented by gentle guitar plucks that help us relocate to a relaxing beachy locale, the upbeat vibe we encounter at the album's starting point help us reach great heights in emotion. For those who have a soft spot for creative instrumentals, the follow up "Do the Vent" will hit your sweet spot. a 2 minute and 14 second adventure of jamming surf-rock sound waves mixed in with a little of fun hooorah's!


Adrenaline reaches a melancholic standpoint once we get past the fun "Sharks" rant and hit "Hydrothermal Vents". In this track, a turning point towards intimacy via heavy felt vocals and slowed down drums allow an entrance to the dreamy Atlantis the two set up for listeners. Already a recommended favorite, "Neptune's Grave" highlights the wonders of Tielli's Byrne-esque vocals that remind us, "We have to dive, to reach the bottom of the ocean". A perceptive tune telling us to take a chance in order to reach life's hidden treasures makes it doubly appealing to the auditory senses.

By the time we reach "Hanz (Sleeping with the Starfish)", the lavender feelings of a melodically unwinding sunset are evoked in full. Inducing and slightly sedative, the laze vibe comes at the perfect time. My favorite track of the bunch, the latter portion of the song sends it all the way home for me. Never overusing the dreamy guitar riffs, they are resurfaced here beautifully and close out the track with amber style. "Fish Out of Land" encompasses the balance of the album's entirety. As Kautzman's vocal administration steals the show and wraps up the experience with her shadowy and misty voice, the feeling of completeness arises.

It truly feels like each track is unified as a whole here, and that's probably what makes The Hydrothermal Vents' debut album so special and unique. Full of fresh summery splashes we are on the cusp of enjoying this season, the timing alone could not have been any better. Be sure you mark July 5th on your calendar and hurry over to the duo's Bandcamp to snatch your copy of Secrets of the Deep!

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