Album Review: Morning Parade - Pure Adulterated Joy

Album Review: Morning Parade - Pure Adulterated Joy
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Morning Parade
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Pure Adulterated Joy
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It’s a Friday afternoon, you’re finished work, the sun is bright and warm. You and your friends have a full tank of gas and Pure Adulterated Joy blasting on repeat with the windows down as you head to some yet-to-be-decided destination. English band Morning Parade has created the ultimate road trip summer soundtrack. It’s albums like this that help you grasp the moment, let go, and enjoy every aspect of where life takes you.

While tracks like "Shake The Cage", "Autoinjector", "Sharing Cigarettes" and "Seasick" provide the rock foundation to the album; there are fun, creative and distinctive songs that could easily become this year’s hot weather anthems. "Alienation" is an incredible tune devoted to stepping out of day to day expectations and living in the present. It’s a song about perspective. In this vast universe on our tiny planet, there are moments we can and should just jump into with no regrets, knowing in the grand scheme it won’t define our whole life.

The vocals for "Realty Dream" are similar to a more upbeat Abandoned Pools, it’s a slower build with a consistent beat unlike "Love Thy Neighbour" which has a dramatic rise and fall to the energy. With tracks like "Pure Adulterated Joy", it sounds like the band had as much fun in recording as we’re likely to have while listening to them. "Car Alarms And Sleepless Nights" is one of the slower paced tracks on the album which is beautifully composed, incorporating a nice balance of electric guitar and piano. The Album finishes on "Culture Vulture" which is another favorite. It has a great balance between a harder rock sound and a softer more melodic one. Currently the band is featuring "Alienation" as single of the week on iTunes.

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