Album Review: The Glitch Mob - Love Death Immortality

Album Review: The Glitch Mob - Love Death Immortality
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The Glitch Mob
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Love Death Immortality
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The Glitch Mob are back in full throttle, ready to redefine music and shock fans with a completely new album. It seems strange to think that this power group, composed of Justin Boreta, Ed Ma (edIT), and Joshua Mayer (Ooah), released their first debut album only four years ago. The Glitch Mob originally designed their first album, Drink The Sea, to be heard on a personal level, an introverted compilation of  tracks intended to be listened to on headphones. Once they were on tour, they started to create tracks for Love Death Immortality to be heard on massive sound systems or festivals. Boreta commented that "this [album] is more inclusive and universal, telling the story of the collective Glitch Mob experience".

What's interesting to see is the direction The Glitch Mob plans to head this year. The trio has fully engaged themselves on a massive tour with already forty dates scheduled for the start of 2014. Even more spectacular is what they have in store production wise for their upcoming live performances. The group is working with Martin Phillips from Bionic League to create something completely spectacular in terms of elaborate stage design. Phillips has worked on stages for the likes of Deadmau5, Kanye West, and Daft Punk previously so big outcomes are expected. They have hinted that there will be some sort of video-interaction app to help integrate the audience while at the show. As to how this will work with their signature synths and crushing bass will be interesting to see. Boreta additionally commented on The Glitch Mob's music saying: 

"What we do is personal, but meant to be shared by our community. We want to take people somewhere else, beyond their everyday experience. People have written us to say how our music helped them get through the death of a loved one ... You know when you get a new Glitch Mob record, or go to one of our shows, it’s not going to be the standard fare. You're going to get transported to another world. We work hard to take the listener to a different place that's all our own." 

Members of the group have previously said that they released their single "Can't Stop Us" to act as a bridge between their new album and old work. Yet I feel the first track, "Mind Of  A Beast" has the most similarities to the classic sounds of The Glitch Mob. The track maintains the signature energetic structure that was so apparent in Drink The Sea. It's starts on a crushing 140 bpm that changes pace spontaneously, giving the listener an interesting start to the full ten track album. 

Stream: The Glitch Mob - Mind Of A Beast

The second track on Love Death Immortality titled "Our Demons" is fierce and aggressive. The track uses a catchy melody with female vocals on a softer tempo to draw your attention. This song models the main essence present in the entire album when listened to as a whole, it sounds outwardly upbeat yet has crushinh synths that ring out Glitch Mob. 

Stream: The Glitch Mob - Our Demons (feat. Aja Volkman)

"Skullclub" was produced in tribute to Daft Punk, despite it's lack of funk. The main riff is a fast tempo beat breakdown that builds up to a climax with a darker robotic voice. Easily one of the heavier electro tracks on the entire album, this song is easily destined to be a festival pleaser. 

Stream: The Glitch Mob - Skullclub

Making a quick change of sound they move from an aggressive "Skullclub" to a darker toned "Becoming Harmonious". Metal Mother is the female vocalist on "Becoming Harmonious", who turns the whole track into a eerie, slow paced mix of sound. This style clearly worked well for the group as they found a way to incorporate a different voice that sounds almost witch inspired. 

Stream: The Glitch Mob - Becoming Harmonious (feat. Metal Mother)

The Glitch Mob's single "Can't Kill Us" came out at a critical time to stir enough positive press. The marketing behind the album's main single was really well planned as it does play ode to their original heavy style of electro. The slow intro sounds similar to Led Zeppelin as it builds up before the  breakbeat structure hits hard at 75 bpm. The Glitch Mob have also made a large amount of hypnotic music videos to every single track from their album. The video for the album single was certainly designed with extra attention. 

Stream: The Glitch Mob - Can't Kill Us

"I Need My Memory Back" is the second track on Love Death Immortality that features lyrics from Aja Volkman. Despite her role in "Our Demons," you can really get a good impression of the raw and gritty side that this LA based singer brings into the entire work. Both "I Need My Memory Back" and "Skytoucher" are more dance infused songs, which brings out a different side of The Glitch Mob. This is just partly why the group's work stands out so much, since they are able to cover a span of music. Where the first track lacks a melodic catch, "Skytoucher" delivers what's missing with a complex backbone.  

Stream: The Glitch Mob - I Need My Memory Back (feat. Aja Volkman)

Stream: The Glitch Mob - Skytoucher

Boreta commented on "Fly By Night" saying that the group wanted to create a more soulful and fun track amidst all the chaotic synths and electro riffs. I personally felt that Yaarrohs vocals were one of the strongest collaborations on the album yet this could be partly due to matching the funky tone with a softer voice.  

Stream: The Glitch Mob - Fly By Night (feat. Yaarrohs)

The second last song on Love Death Immortality brings us once more to the classic sounds of The Glitch Mob but still manages to provide a new base. What stood out the most about this track is the smooth work of transitioning the vocal fragments in and out as the beat hammers down relentlessly. The electro rings an authentic melody that sounds similar to The Glitch Mob's usual style yet manages to capture your interest in a way never experienced before.   

Stream: The Glitch Mob - Carry The Sun

To finish this amazing collection of tracks,  The Glitch Mob change pace completely once again with a rather tranquil track titled "Beauty Of The Unhidden Heart." Sister Crayon is the lyricist on this song, whose voice fits perfectly with the calm tempo that comes in prior the build and once again as a final tease.  

Stream: The Glitch Mob - Beauty Of The Unhidden Heart (feat. Sister Crayon)

In the end, what really made this entire work stick out and worthy of such a high ranking is the creativity that went behind the entire process. Considering this is The Glitch Mob's only second album and they've released it through their own self run label, Glass Air Records, they've created quite a stir. Love Death Immortality has done surprisingly well in iTunes and billboard charts ranking number one in independently released, electronic, and dance categories. Achieving such a significant spot could only be accomplished with a loyal audience; getting that audience in the first place means becoming innovative. From the new technology that is going behind their live performances to having digitalized videos made for every track on the album, this musical trio is certainly creative enough. 

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