Album Review: Tide Eye - Hi Tide

Album Review: Tide Eye - Hi Tide
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I always hold the utmost respect for musicians, who are able to create despite difficult circumstances, and the latest album Hi-Tide from Boston based DJ and producer Tide Eye is certainly a case of this. He has since moved on, but the tracks still hold a great deal of importance to him, especially since most were written early on in Boston. And then his hard drive crashed, which he took as a sign to let go of the past, and continue to move forward both in a literal and artistic sense. So in effect, the final product is simply a visceral snapshot of each individual track, as it was in the moment. There is a distinct sense of loss and longing throughout, and the desire to elevate beyond your current circumstances. 

The album begins with “Believe,” that starts off with a steady, simple beat and quickly evolves into the experimental, which continues throughout. 

Next track “Consequences” ventures into more elated synths and samples, with a slower, down tempo beat and interspersed samples of seagulls in flight.

“At Nite,” continues the creative flow of the album with warm-toned and jazzy saxophone samples, and interspersed low, and hard, almost chiming beats. 

“YyYoOoUuU,” is as flowy and ever changing as the track name itself, an intriguing, exotic beat that evokes a seductive feel before the quick pick up, and a slightly darker vibe at the end. 

“Love U” comes in with a gorgeous, airy feel, that will bring the desires into reality, and washes over the high tide before it rounds out nicely with two remixes from Kaanerbay and Tone Ra



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