Album Review: Jaas—Unavailable

Album Review: Jaas—Unavailable
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Jaas’ pen captures her passion and pain with her new Unavailable EP. While the Chicago-based songstress is relatively new, her triple-threat package is something that can’t be ignored. Her soothing voice and strong flow make it easy for her to outshine her production. But what easily stands out as her biggest strength is her skills as a lyricist. The perspectives and stories Jaas has to offer are vivid enough to bring listeners directly inside the situation occurring.

For someone dropping her debut project, Jaas doesn’t seem like she has much trouble creating a concise body of work. The sequencing of this project is what glues it together, making every track pick up where the last leaves off.

Despite the EP running for only 15 minutes, the project plays like a short film that weighs a ton. In so little time, Jaas takes listeners deep into her psyche after an ugly romantic fallout. In moments where she’s not feeling herself, she’s able to finds her way back through the music.

“Ugly” quickly sets the tone as she recollects on when relationships take turns for the worst. On top of the production, Jaas touches on every confusing emotion that comes with a fresh breakup. As angelic the song sounds, her words are painfully accurate to listen to.

The same thing occurs on the follow-up track “Why”. Taking a minimalist approach, the song carries on with merely an electric guitar and handclaps. It’s just enough for Jaas to bare her soul on the constant uncertainty she has being with her beau.

I hate falling for you

I keep calling

That’s why im calling for you

You keep stalling

You know im all in for you

Babe why you actin strange

Throughout the EP are the different phases that goes from heartbreak to personal reclamations. The title reads Unavailable but it’s more so referring the singer protecting her energy. It’s explained perfectly in the closer title track as she chooses self-preservation of her peace over anyone wanting to strip it away. The EP is an inviting project that sheds light on her potential as an artist and storyteller as well. Despite each track being short, each one covers so much ground and tells a bigger story than expected altogether.

But that is also one of the main critiques that come along with project. With the EP running through so quickly, a lot of the great ideas she presents aren’t able to exact grow out into something as memorable. It’s an appetizing project that draws interest more into Jaas, but they aren’t as filling as they could be. Because of this, a lot of the ideas come off as being more abstract than concrete.

Nonetheless, the EP proves to be a focused effort by the singer that’s able to bring listeners into her world. As she is still finding her own place as an artist, it will be exciting to hear what she has to offer when she’s ready to release a full-length.

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