Album Review: Wonky Logic — Trans-Dimensional Fuunk

Album Review: Wonky Logic — Trans-Dimensional Fuunk
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Wonky Logic
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Trans-Dimensional Fuunk
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When Earth becomes too much of a deadly powder keg, interdimensional travel is a handy option to have at your disposal. UK-based beatsmith Wonky Logic aims to find the closest possible alternative within the confines of modern science in his new EP, Trans-Dimensional Fuunk (Transposed for Human Consumption). This snappy title belies the depth and lofty ambitions of the project, which justifies the repeated use of the extra ‘u’ in ‘fuunk.’ Taking an altogether more celestial approach to his debut album 0113, the six tracks pledge to provide affordable trans-dimensional travel to the masses with minimal paperwork.

Trans-Dimensional Fuunk has the unmistakable stamp of the late, great Ras G smeared all over it like a dab of shatter. His shuffling, staggering drums, weighty bass arrangements and spaced out synth melodies are capably channelled by Wonky Logic, who filters them through his own mildly cynical British perspective. The wiggling bass punches and hypnotic percussion of “Anti-Galactic-Colonisation” give way to the thumping hip-hop drums and garage aspirations of “Blast Off”, which contains within it enough disparate sections and chapters to fill a concept album.

The inevitable 8-bit anime influence introduces itself with a nod on “Trans-Species Fuunk Entanglement,” a title which seems to suggest that if Jada Pinkett were to elope with an alien, fuunk could not be held legally liable for any health complications. “Andromeda Style Fuunk” really ups the party atmosphere, full of funky breakdowns and strutting organ lines, before the EP sticks the landing with two neck-snappers which imitate the effects of re-entry to Earth. “

Spacebass (Canis Major Style)” is led by bass and percussion, as is most of the EP, but nowhere else are these elements utilised to such nasty effect. “Perpetual Unsimulated Fuunk Source” rounds off Trans-Dimensional Fuunk with a disorientating stagger through the fuunk re-assimilation and decompression program.

You might think the intergalactic theme and use of ‘fuunk’ in every song title might be a little ostentatious, but one listen to the EP will show the intrinsic need for both to truly encapsulate just how intergalactic and fuunky the beats are. It has a celebratory tone which simultaneously invokes defiance and gazes over a shimmering future, brimming with a cautious hope.

If this sounds like something that might interest you, purchase Trans-Dimensional Fuunk here.

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