Album Review: The Low Flying Panic Attack—You Know Nothing About War

Album Review: The Low Flying Panic Attack—You Know Nothing About War
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The Low Flying Panic Attack
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You Know Nothing About War
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Madrid, Spain
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Out now on independent Spanish label Faneca Music, two-piece indie electronic outfit The Low Flying Panic Attack celebrate the release of their debut studio album You Know Nothing About War.  Home to 5 of Javi & Marta's previously released singles, accompanied by 4 fresh new productions, the 9-cut LP exemplifies the identity of the contemporary live-electronic Madrid-based passion project. Available now on all streaming platforms as well as for vinyl-pre order, the album relishes in eclecticism, originality and depth harnessing the unique opportunities at hand when blending styles across live electronic music and contemporary rock.

Starting off on a familiar note, the LP opens with a series of the pair's staple singles "Bridges", "Tears & Glass", "Demons Grow" and "Burn".  "Bridges" is an high-energy blend of electronica, future bass and trip hop led by an explosive vocal line that fuels the engine of the track - as the most recently released single from the band, "Bridges" is a fitting selection to set the stage for the album.  Blending a potpourri of live and electronic elements, the smooth and soulful "Tears & Glass" originally made its' debut in 2019; imparting breaks in style to pave way for a larger than life, anthemic vocal chorus. 

Piano chords accompany Marta's vocals through the intro of "Demons Grow", smoothly building a sultry arrangement that speaks to our personal demons, and their ability to fester at times beyond control. Dropping to a heavy percussive breakdown peppered with heavy synth, the track grows larger in likeness to the demons at hand. Downtempo at the onset, "Burn" features vocal work from both bandmates Javi and Marta - smooth and harmonic, their words weave across breakbeat rythyms leading to xylophone ridden synth breakdowns.

Alongside a familiar cover of Labryinth's "Still Don't Know My Name", new tracks making their way to listeners for the first time come on the second half of the album, with "Over the Edge", "ジュリエット"("Juliet"), "Fucked Up", and "Fool Me Once" bringing You Know Nothing About War to its' conclusion. 

The first of You Know Nothing About War's debut productions, "Over the Edge" opens with soulful piano chords across bright choral harmonies and serves as an interlude to the second half of the album. Scribed in Japanese, translating to "Juliet", "ジュリエット" sees electronic enhancement tuning Javi's vocal range through the song's composition, integrating organic percussion with thought provoking electronic elements in true fashion to TLFPA's genre-defying motives.

Truly one of the most eclectic and enchanting tunes off the record, "Fucked Up" intricately synthesizes a cacophony of string arrangements, brooding vocals of heartbreak alongside an intelligent foundation of drum n' bass. Brimming with contrast and depth, the track is a standout on the album, provoking intrigue and demonstrating the duets artistic aptitude across conventional genres and dance. 

Previously released as a single in 2019, the heavy, cutting and ferocious cover of Labyrinth's "Still Don't Know My Name" is bountiful with slicing synths and accentuating organ chords.  Packing quite the punch, the big, brooding track is multifaceted, soul crushing in nature and rich in dynamic production.

Delivering the album to its conclusion, "Fool Me Once" is a hefty, anthemic vocal number abundant in exhilarating energy and detail.  Accompanied by a music video and surely produced for the stage, the track is sure to make impact when performed as The Low Flying Panic Attack graces stages soon this year. 

As a body of work, You Know Nothing About War is a culmination of both familiar and fresh releases that encapsulate the development of The Low Flying Panic Attack's sound since its conception in 2017. Building upon a nuanced take on an eclectic array of styles spanning atmospheric electronica, psychedelic rock, low-fi and more, The Low Flying Panic Attack's eclectic approach to songwriting, composition, artistic vision and live performance position themselves as a unique outfit in up and coming experimental electronic acts.  With influences spanning the likes of Moderat, Nine Inch Nails, Tame Impala, Thom Yorke and more, a vast sea of artistic inspiration shape the still developing identity of the group who aim to defy norms in the constructs of genre.

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