Album Review: DJ Godfather — Electro Beats For Freaks

Album Review: DJ Godfather — Electro Beats For Freaks
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DJ Godfather
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Electro Beats For Freaks
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One of the founding fathers of the Detroit ghettotech scene, DJ Godfather, has released a monster solo album — Electro Beats For Freaks. With his career spanning almost three decades, electro and ghettotech lovers everywhere have been eagerly awaiting this one. Renowned for his masterful turntablism and influential Databass label, we’re expecting great things. Spanning an intimidating 44 tracks, each one flows effortlessly into the next, allowing the album to play as continuous mix if desired.

There’s no two ways about it — Electro Beats For Freaks is a high-intensity, full-body workout from start to finish. Touching on electro, ghettotech, juke, tech-house, Baltimore club and beyond, if you’re ready to get a sweat on, this might just be the album for you. An intense homage to club culture, there’s no way even a fragment of this album won’t leave you longing for intimate moments in dark basements.

Opening track “Allow Me To Reintroduce Myself” leaves a memorable introduction indeed; bouncy breaks and a boatload of scratching leaves nothing to the imagination — DJ Godfather really marks his territory with this one. Things quickly stray into ghettotech territory, with “Keep My Name Out Your Mouth” turning up the heat. Relentless percussion, audacious vocals and hip-shaking claps will blow you to a different dimension, before things take a cosmic turn in “Show Some Respect”. Futuristic melodies make the perfect pairing alongside choppy vocals to satisfy the club-shaped hole in our hearts. Pure euphoria.

“Late Night Funk” and “Sunday Morning Spliff” give us a minute to breath, offering seductive synths and meandering melodies to mark a distinct shift in tone; from club anthems, to laid-back funk, Electro Beats For Freaks is biblical in its coverage. Perhaps one of its most alluring features is how energetic the album remains from start to finish; never underestimate the power of something fun in testing times.

For those who have an ear for darker electro flavours, “King Of The Circle” steps up. An evil bassline, eerie synths and sharp stabs conjure up a wicked mix. “Jit Or Die” continues the mood; although it’s short and (not so) sweet, it’s a burner of the highest order. The perfect soundtrack for sweat dripping off the ceiling and bodies pressed against each other, it’s about as Detroit as things get (until you reach “313 Keep It Down”).

The back-end of the album sees DJ Godfather offer tracks influenced by both footwork and dubstep, before dipping back into the land of electro. Penultimate track, “Let Me See That Jit” is where the intensity reaches breaking point, before “Smoke In Da Air” utilises heavy breaks and airy, elated synths to close things off on a perfectly fun, feel-good vibe.

Due to be followed up with a series of EPs in 2021, featuring longer length versions, acapellas, instrumentals, and BPM variations, Electro Beats For Freaks marks the start of a huge project by DJ Godfather — and we can’t wait to hear it all.

Electro Beats For Freaks can be streamed via Spotify and purchased via Beatport.

Connect with DJ Godfather: Spotify | Twitter | Instagram

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